Strange Robots (Trance-Mission 1)



Mr. Jack:

There’s no time for this…
They’re not going to understand, there is no point;
in telling, them.
This, is for you; you alone.


You know, you understand… I knew it, the moment, I saw you.

Mr. Jack:

I do not know, not really. I am not sure, I understand, either. But I know what I see, perhaps. The same as yourself; we are just separated, in time.

It does not matter, however since you are here, I can tell you something, I’ve found. It might help you, but that’s not up, to me.


Please tell me, what is this, whats happened, to me?

Mr. Jack:

Do not be, tempted; do not put labels onto this, or invest yourself in explanations of it. You can not change anything, rather you can, but changing it, changes it.

Losing your mind, can make you mad, or not; depending on this.

Have you seen the trees, how they sway in the breeze?

Have you seen the sky, the way, it breathes?

There are lights in the forest, shadows of the valley, creatures on the mountainside…

A drifting, cloud

The passing stranger waves

Time, revolve

We will talk, again…


But, you’re dying.

Mr. Jack:

I’ll see you soon

The Escapade


Floating species…
billow time cogs an
— escaping

quick whisper mind fog
The eyes are cold, breath is hot
dimly lit rooms revolve round ever
I saw spot

Shrinking pools of slow drip; from the ceiling —
I watch
mattress by the door
on the floor

A sun behind, thin wispy curtains
I see, dust in the light it
fills the whole room
trapped suspension beams
I breathe it in
we are floating in the air…

I listen, who is there?
you, enter
you won’t even know it
It is, just like before —

“I remember a dare”

11263098_10152810199060308_9182243951162077714_o (3)

Break Horizon


But like you told me…
many times before
once hate takes your heart
cut them off, on the shelf
heart in a box

I guess this was your warning
I didn’t know, I never imagined
you were talking to me

I wanted to fix it, our old ship
entropy children we just kept playing
like when your so busy, you don’t even notice
the sun sinking, till it’s dark
running home

delusions of giving
everything is taken
the reality
of the void, inevitable
as everything ends
over and over

bright things appear in the dark
coming home I slip into bed
I hear you breathing
I want to live here forever
not awake, but not sleeping

faces close, light comes from your open mouth
a dreaming bag
the stars stretch, so bright out of focus glassed in the window
I hear the wind blow, soaring
through a crack
and remember things impossible

I can’t believe myself
looking now beyond all things
all attachments
the secret those teachers, kept
for themselves, cause they know
there is no telling it, and if we knew we’d never seek it
now I understand, as I wait
it’s not what; we want

I still miss you, I miss myself
we are just down the road
just try, just try
but I can’t, or I won’t
I don’t know why, not really
I think maybe everything has happened

even though it is-not perceivable, even though it’s just a bare thread
it’s hanging there, in my chest beneath layers of blood and muscle
dripping caverns
hidden places
behind space
the horizon just a line, now
I watch as it breaks

“only, a cloud”




damned lakes of dissonance babble, beneath
mercury burning in the sky
release me Sun
I have no controls
no voice
light, an incestuous cannibal more… empty

hands grasp at
a blood ribbon blindfold
tied to the ground
wolves encircle
the coats gleaming
a desolate surface
the blank tombs
hum low
machines, below
the cloud is around me
all this spin
we are numb
confused tongues
drift… into obscure rarefied anonymous
no, I don’t know
what it meansdream_31457e9177

Blown, Away



Incendiary homes, sold
miniature bones cast toy shadows on the dirty pavement a rank draft faintly laughs, your so scrappy

Languid heroin motion, these gravity games
Orion permeates it, breezes my clothes feel like skin
The call, now run run run
We Come, and come, come… No one ever said              no one ever had to                      they did it    for themselves          it’s too late for you          driving home                ghostly              twilight zone                        throbbing red gas tunnels strobe early morning hallucinations
watch them dissipate, the world is smoke gods fire
watch the people smile & skate, faces cracking
delusion organs play, a rising note

The rains hypnotize, feeling concave      deep luxurious thighs, stare straight                                                                      up at the sky
hours on end, neverend
Now zen, forget the bells ring, screaming mobs of the holy conclave
the men smile hard

Aspirate your lens, jangling hangers in the closet she picks her clothes as
I try
to rise

Observe the face
Space mourning
drains to heal
Strange stalls at the fair            we all tweak

The Deal

drops (3)

Flickering Sign



The sky above
The ground below
The water like both, yet itself
This is life

vestigial space
racing so far from home
subliminal illumination
a desperate signal
break just beneath
eyes opening
catch slipping breath
wound up dream blankets
listen to yourself, animal sounds
the world spoke to you
at once

emergence puzzle hole
plotting, solutions
paradox, belief
firework mind
memory lives
I linger near the banister
transfixed by the fuss
a dreamer watching
the real

I said, yes
Shut my eye
This was
The first time




dream_d14aee3453 (2).jpg

Parallel bars
space endangered
You can tell me anything
I don’t want to
I want to share, this last moment

with myself
Tidal drift blood years
as the ash sculpture, stares
What does it look like
Who can I see
Desks pile on

Phones are ringing
papers flying orbit
the cabinets are speaking
Time becomes, itself

What should I say
I can’t think
of anything
What time… is it?
I’m trying to remember a name
which does-not, matter
but still seems important

Something is familiar
Sun through the window
there’s a bird outside
he won’t stop talking

Then it, stops



Empty hide
Lash out tentacle spasms
Equilibrium & violence

The ground smashing  a concussion pillow
The fallow earth a dead magnet
The storm I stuck a finger in it

—Then pulled, it out

Slain fortunes die roaring, outside
Window betrayal puerile logic
Naked regurgitation—

Space crashes
Soft landing willow
Last moment fear

We changed
Animal shamans playing
Mind game, shame

A feeling in the hallway approaches
I can see what’s coming
I will never meet myself

I can’t help but watch them
Fly around
Time stripes




I left

Sanctuary mind, a filthy nest
Donning rainbows
A sanbenito folded neatly
We dress
A girl they sent
She said I can’t
I can’t she wept

I left

Heavy sudden flying
A faint signal lingering pale
Tell me those lies
Animal dreams
We all lose all
Crawling falls

Glow cryptic stained
Transformer main law
A sun beneath rivers
Pain screaming silver

There is no sound
But I hear them
Quick red time flashes
Do I feel this
I must

Cryptobiosis, The Program



crawling toys ventriloquist scream
abandoned canyon voiceless signs
breathe blind sedation atmosphere
whispering curtain hide moan
deaf solitude
needle high mind
who told me
how could they no one ever did
useless numb
secret incandescent plug
sky blue wilderness
fake trees
reproduce flood come
body lies
death is
we are ours reminiscent


out there
in the thin
green reds
a carnival wheel spin you
falling fever terror
terminal enlightenment
the beeping jester

ecstasy weather
momentary mist
strange noises
nematode cyst
slow now
beneath the skin
you are
still here
sleeping cough
lost phone
call elsewhere
invisible stares


N Voices


Nothing, has any value…
You cannot learn how to live
You cannot learn how to die

“I told you” they said
“You do not… remember
“What?” we said
“We told you, you do not, hear us”
“(Echoes) they talk to themselves”
“Follow my voice”
“Who is this? I said
-No one answers; There is no answer-
“I told you, you cannot, remember— don’t you see? There is no more time, for this”

Wakes up

The Host, Hat Man


The Holy Mountain (1973)

I lost all my notes

    In the Hotel Somewhere
  I can’t hold onto anything
   However, there are copies everywhere

Somewhere in my mind
I will, find
What I want
      Where I am  Where am I where I am

The fear, in morning
Restless evening
Pretend day
Dream food sustains, I tasted nothing…

              The Passing Stranger — Waves

Enter, Farewell


Do not touch

The Floor, arise

Za  Za  Na

Flee, they seize

Pour flows

I dose


Whispers in your ear


Now all is different


Softly, illuminated

Breathing, fulfillment

Come… closer


So we, burned

Bursting soul

We raise… man

Waves, of hands

Delicate implosion

Expand, roll, hyper slow

Time entranced


Forgive me

It was only a glance

“There is no forgiveness — only meeting, parting”



minkl (1).jpeg

I don’t believe in anything

nor do I believe in nothing

I can’t believe I do not believe

We cherish life, and so take it in great amounts

We hold onto ourselves, and let go of the world

We must die, so we close our eyes

There is no middle way

There is no right, or left way

Infinite eternity has no center

Each thing is its own place, time, way

I do not believe this

I see this

What is seeing

I am-not

Do you really believe in this, isn’t this all a lie, are you not just a weak suffering man?


Zen Entendre, The Other-Double Self


Towers Of Amygdalin

Words, mean many things… All true in themselves, as reinforcing oppositions. This is moving-stillness. I do not look for anything, or believe what I do, or do not see — I only remember, the past or the future, being the present. This is only one, possible, of many.

Part I of III

Ways in waves
-We found ourselves, again, as slaves. We came, and came, again each time; a new way-

Of caves, we came
-To the womb of the earth, from the edge of space-

The old ones       in Spain
-So old, yet smooth, and grey-

Excerpt: Field Of Cain


The calling war
Peaceful sword, unsheathed

The joy
A pain


Floating, accosted
Dentiloquent shades swooping rave, save

Mind string undulating bound
To fungiform bays

Blastogenesis genetic frenetic

Heretic, cave witch
Silent grey

Excerpt: Animal — Ascension

Oversoul Selfie


Field Of Cain



MutaGen77D25CC490824CB502981 (2).jpg

I don’t know what to write

However, they are only lines of mind

Blackening, bottomless

Mines of convolution



So I wrote something, I spin
These lines

With my mind, blind

In clear space I see

A face receding

Dying matter, lace

Ways in waves

Of caves, we came

The old ones       in Spain

Then a field of Cain

War, heart of love

Gone… insane

Now see

A new plain

What we do not know

Now, is no other



—There is only one word for it—

city apt gold1

The Meeting, Fogged Stare



“You’ve come” I said “You’ve come”                                    I said
“No” They said    “No” They said
“You are here”   “You are here”

Rainbow blocks jut from the side bending long home sparks of stuck broke open light crust emerging a gentle holocaust firmament stars quake dust of dusk rattled loose, all the time, we are left with ourselves— a while

It is ever quite alright, unfathomable line

Just a smile of some kind

The voices… cascade, leap spinning
tumble profusions
extrude the heart
an innocent willing
head empty glows
insect wing neon nacre lantern
—revolving, time flows
jeweled tokens endless emerging disembark from my mouth
rotating free floating – segmented shelves of selves wink 11 dimensional whistle pop elves
so many, ahys
a muffled cool breeze
forgotten wind -touched- remembering sand, aging hands
lace ornament fan

I am the span

(Light breaks on space)

Animal — Ascension


First Ascension.jpg

Dividing lane
Flashing rain

Speaking flame
A whispered name

The calling war
Peaceful sword, unsheathed

The joy
A pain


Floating, accosted
Dentiloquent shades swooping rave, save

Mind string undulating bound
To fungiform bays

Blastogenesis genetic frenetic

Heretic, cave witch
Silent grey

Soul switch ripping grip
A folding fate

Hate, or love
Never was

Or is, memories fizz
Empty word, empty bliss

The ships
Pass tall through the hall

No, no, no
No… not at all

Breathe — the cool fall
Strange owls in the wallpaper

Move, blink
Trace, redraw


-The Thrall

The Green Watcher

*Reproduced with permission from the late Docsuesszueszen



Chemical Meditations

The land never seemed so soft soaking rains

all the people walk too deliberately, it’s quiet squares

Pretend year, days so real
understand we walk in silence

I never believed, so reckless…

empty selling
it all go down

Gone home, will we find forever somewhere

foretell the sequence

Traffic light empty morning
blinks mute

Who do you know
I am frozen

Dawn in a briefcase
on your way

We find each other

These dreams
have a life of their own


*Reproduced with permission from the late Docsuesszueszen

Mystery Tower Waiting Room


rib final final.jpg

The house is wet, the house is strangely.


Things are unkempt. The lawn is wild and the framing is bent.


Occupants are missing signals low frequency blips.


“I never know who I was I know who I am, though he is not me. Who I am is The Past, Who I am is a ghost being born into The Future only to die, again & again.  I am ramshackle cards flying through the air an embarrassing mess of emotions flung so carelessly in pursuit of vain desire”

Jezebel jukebox mystery towers of Baal, look inside — majesty

I left, sanctuary mind a filthy nest

All who enter, the room


The jester is inviolate, sacred fool

Seen many rulers; we all die

The crowds roar screaming indistinct one confused voice

They all say the same, thing

The door, open

Blinding, light

Walking in a dream,  not I

I am carried


Donning rainbows, a sanbenito folded neatly

We dress

A girl was sent

Her eyes, said


Rise, come

Do not keep them, waiting…

Door Of Wyrd


MutaGenE1D9B30E53904F9B0333~1234 final

Through the window
Something looks
It is black outside

A light is on
Rooms reflecting
The clear, glass

I can see, myself
Looking outside
Looking inside

I hear a rustle

“Acrasial loons tempting, soon
Exipotic dances
Iridine glance cast
Scaevity enchantments


The judge look askance
He never move, bound in glass
Nevermind, time
Is past


Irrevincible wyrd
Here, at last
Robes of ash”


Mile 63



gold disc final 2 stripe rs.jpgLaying in the grass

I can feel it, grow

Time, soft pillows

The world, a silly show

The clouds look new, but did you know

They’re real, real, old

I spoke… so slow

Saw everything, but I did not know

An opalescent blue red aura

Trimmed neatly in gold

Fuzzy bubble man

Took deep trembling breaths —  then

Fold… fold… fold…

Underfunded, undercover

An astronaut, in deep space hover
Can’t find a lover

Landing I find, space blind

Stumbling drunk, drown out this mind

These cries, I never heard

A fine wrought vine of intersecting lines

Now bound, my boots to the pavement

No longer deep grooved
Hieroglyphic light scattered scream beams

Under the tree, high noon

Nothing can save…

Them — Nothing can save but, them

We shall find again

It’s bound to happen

And… what is not soon?



iri bubble~9~final pos2 large 1

The land never seemed so soft soaking rain
I’m sinking in

Made of soft clay
Holes go through it all

Zoom… out
Keep it smooth

Into each other

Seeing double
I was underwater

“I lost my form, may I have another?
and… my I.D. was stolen, I don’t remember when
But,    I’m in the computer”

“Let me see…
I’ll check the records”

All the people walk too deliberately
A formal, dance

Square construction
of momentary glances

Bounce around the hall
The low chatter of slaves, enthralled by decoration

empty selling
it all go down

Who do you know?
I am new

We find each other, everywhere…
But I keep turning around, someone is there

These dreams
Have a life of their own

They whisper, to each other
There he is

Stuck at a light
The empty morning, blinks mute

So I look for some change
Through a smoky haze




“This house
Of water
Is life”

Just a drop, you don’t know what it will do
What is this?

No one looms, work hard
Eternity spin, fine spires
Shadowy women stalk plummeting stairs
A man travels by dumbwaiter
Appearing, here & there
I see his teeth

All through the halls I follow them
Then I am running, away
There is no way, out
The windows are frozen
The door is flat
A picture wall

You will hear it, she said
But I hear nothing
Dissecting words
They only grow, smaller
Sparse fields of feeling
Bounce off one another
Looming so large, painful objects I pull out
Strange weight all through this being
Nowhere to be found
Tears me apart
Standing in the foyer

They want in
I want out
Odd, I can’t recall when I came to this house
Where is my love?

Formless Birth, Unfinished


A few iterations at low resolution w/ no post process effects, haven’t decided on the color parameters yet. Will post the high-res final render at some point. I’m using a low powered desktop (Celeron 2.4 J1800) so it’s a tough choice as it takes many, many, many hours to render a large high quality finished picture. A little poem at the bottom to keep you amused in the meantime.

-The Stranger

rings preview

wordpress 2

rings +ambient 1.jpg

Passing stranger waves
At the end of a long street, before slipping around a corner
Far distant in the woods, obscured by thickening trees
Waving back
I notice how all things, move

The light is still
I was brought here
Walking in a day dream, I found myself there
One of those effortless summer days I remember, faintly
From when I knew nothing

And time passed like twilight breezes
Ripples, at the edge of the world






Abandoned canyon ventriloquist scream
Voiceless signs
Deaf solitude needle high

Mind boxed
No one ever told me
How could they

Useless secrets, do tell
An incandescent plug
Sky blue numb

Wilderness  wilderness
Reproduce, fires waiting
Flood come

Death is young
We are

Reminiscent scents
I always seem to taste before I wake up

Disintegration Rations


purple bug final render 1 gold

Disorder becomes uniform
Look at the clean lines of wool, shiny objects hang
Symbol, transforming letters
What language do you speak?
I know what you want
We all understand
Each other

Pass it on, the gift
No wants to suffer alone, for no reason
The way the world is, love
The idea turn to spiders
And eats itself
They wonder
“Where did I come from?”

I saw a cloud, once… it was all around me

Dream Wine


How did this happen
Can you pay attention to
A circulating dream
Love on a bed
Shouts down the hallway
Your face is unknown to me
Mine in the mirror
Everyone says it seems like yesterday
I suppose it is

I am not here now
This is not happening
How can it be real, when
I do not know what it is
I don’t want to wake up
I dreamed myself, for you
I was gone

“You see” he said
Nothing… is more real than anything else, or less

It is all in

Your mind

Then he laughed and looked resigned
Slapped me on the back
Stars, all around
I lay down

Clinging to the sea
A desert ocean
This is life, underneath
Ground quakes
So much attraction
It cannot escape itself
A warm heart of burning liquid
Crushing center of desire
Nothing can survive
But the tortured flows of attempted escapes
Even as it ever draws itself closer

Looking out into the clear spaces
The children of fury look peaceful
So hopeful protected
They sing dying songs
An evaporating hand grasp forming notes
Whispering vibration
Speak like ghosts
When you return

There will be no time
There never was
Always is